Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quiz Time!

Hi! I thought it would be a really cute idea to make a quiz for you! I used to have an account on, and I was just going through the website again and the idea popped into my head! If you want more quizzes, Quizilla has tons of them! (My answer will be parenthesized)
Yes - if this applies to you. No - if this does no apply to you.

How Girly are You?

1. You get your hair done on a regular basis: yes or no (No)
2. You would consider pink to be one of your favorite colors: yes or no (Yes)
3. "Legally Blonde" or "13 Going on 30" is on your list of favorite movies: yes or no (Yes)
4. You love to get your nails done on a regular basis: yes or no (No)
5. You love to shop at least once a week, even if it consists of buying one item: yes or no (Yes)
6. Your bathroom is filled with so many beauty items, that sometimes you can't even organize the cabinets: yes or no (Yes)
7. You love to flirt: yes or no (Yes)
8. You own at least 5 pairs of heels: yes or no (Yes)
9. You own at least 5 skirts: yes or no (Yes)
10. You own at least 5 dresses: yes or no (Yes)
11. You hate the thought of camping: yes or no (No)
12. You absolutely LOVE blogs about fashion and girly topics: yes or no (Yes)
13. You have a fashion/girly blog of your own: yes or no (Yes)
14. You love to read Vogue, Glamour, Seventeen, Cosmo, or other girl-based magazines: yes or no (Yes)
15. You think the "Gothic" trend is repulsive: yes or no (No)
16. You actually think VW Beetles are so cute: yes or no (Yes)
17. You get emotional very easily: yes or no (Yes)
18. Even if you are skinny, there are days you feel like you can't wear ANYTHING: yes or no (Yes)
19. Sometimes you have NOTHING to wear at all, eventhough you just went shopping last week: yes or no (No)
20. You love to talk about makeup, gossip, event planning, etc: yes or no (Yes)
21. Elle Woods is one of your inspirations: yes or no (Yes)
22. You love Thirty-One: yes or no (Yes)
23. As you were young, you participated in dance, ice-skating, color-guard, cheerleading, or gymnastics: yes or no (Yes)
24. Horror movies terrify you: yes or no (No)
25. You hate breaking your nails: yes or no (No)
26. You would never hold a job that consists of the outdoors or possible nail-breaking, hair-messing, lipstick-smearing, or heel-breaking possibilities: yes or no (N0)
27. You do yoga: yes or no (No)
28. You follow fashion trends like your tiny dog follows you: yes or no (Yes)
29. You LOVE chick flicks: yes or no (Yes)
30. You own a small dog; mini-poodle, chihuahua, mini-dauchsund, etc: yes or no (Yes)
31. You LOVE glitter and anything that shines: yes or no (Yes)
32. Sometimes you think you need therapy for your shopping habits: yes or no (Yes)
33. No matter WHERE you go, either to the grocery store or even at your house, you always have to have a little mascara and/or lipgloss on: yes or no (No)
34. If you are in high-school, you plan on being in a sorority: yes or no (Maybe)
35. You love Victoria Secret PINK: yes or no (Yes)
36. You love Victoria Secret in general: yes or no (Yes)
37. For you that have children; you LOVE getting your child's name monogrammed on almost everything: yes or no (N0)
38. You love monograms period: yes or no (Yes)
39. You love diamonds, rubies, sapphires, pearls, etc: yes or no (Yes)
40. A perfect outfit always consists of a strand of pearls: yes or no (Yes)
41. You love babies, puppies, kittens, or any other baby animals: yes or no (Yes)
42. You watch shows like Gossip Girls, The Hills, ANTM, Project Runway, etc: yes or no (Yes)
43. You love to tan: yes or no (No)
44. You have a TON of accessories, some that you have no place to put: yes or no (Yes)
45. You love fashion in history: yes or no (Yes)
46. You giggle A LOT, even when the joke wasn't funny: yes or no (Yes)
47. You act dumb in front of guys just so they'll think your cute: yes or no (No)
48. You love SUMMER: yes or no (Yes)
49. You love Coach, Louis Vuitton, Dooney & Bourke, Gucci, etc: yes or no (No, well..Coach, yes)
50. You use facemasks at least once a week: yes or no (No)

Haha, sorry that was such a LONG quiz, but I just kept thinking up things to put!
Of course, if you put mostly yeses, you are probably girly, and if you put mostly nos, you probably aren't. If you have an in-between amount then you are in the middle, yadeyadeyadah.

My answers: 34/50.

My answers may show that I am very girly, but being girly is not all my life. I love other things that guys and other girls would like to talk about too, such as cars, football, astrology, medicine, architecture, etc. So if you think I only talk and love girl things, you are wrong my friend. Actually, girls at my school probably don't really know how girly I can be. I'm sort of a normal person/nerd I guess, lol. And I am definitely not saying that there is anything wrong with girly people, but I'm not just that either. I'm all-around average.

What were your results? Do you agree with them?

*Photos are from Haute Design, and {this is glamorous}

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Beauty Secrets <3

My mom and I was talking about each other's beauty secrets we used over the years, and I decided I would like to write a post about "beauty secrets" that I use. I will also write about some of the secrets I have learned over the years.
One "beauty secret" I use to take the static out of my hair (and to make it smell good in the process): I spray my favorite perfume lightly (or heavy on how light the perfume is) on my brush, and brush it through my hair. It may or may not to take the static out, but it works for me, and that's why I am sharing this secret. Also, when you want to flip your hair for a guy, it makes the smell travel when you do this :)
A 'beauty secret" my mother told me of is when you're about to go to the prom or your first date, and you're scared about your hands being sweaty when your date wants to hold hands, put some antiperspirant on your hands. Or deoderant, which one works for you. (If you wanted to go with the deoderant, I would get one for under your arms and just one for your hands).
Another my mother told me about is breaking raw eggs into your hair during a shower to make your hair fuller and soft. You would wash your hair with shampoo first, then use the eggs, and then wash your hair again and rinse.
I also heard about using avocados for face masks, or using honey during your showers to make your hair soft and shiny.
Another "beauty secret" is to use petroleum jelly (or vasaline) on your "hot spots" (wrists, behind the ears, inside the arm, neck, etc..) to make lighter scents stay on your body.

What are some "beauty secrets" that you use(d)? Did they work for you?

* pictures are used from and

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm sick :(

Ugh, there's nothing like being sick, huh? I just wanna go to bed, watch a movie, and text my boyfriend <3

Friday, January 8, 2010

Looking for That New Winter Look?

Hi! I've come to post a blog to help you out for your next girly session! Are you looking for new fashion trends? Or maybe a new hair style? Or even new ideas for nail colors! I have them here, and I hope this helps you to figure out what you're looking for!

The Fringe Trend!
This trend is a mix of Indian and 70's based looks. I've seen this look on vests and purses, and it is very popular right now.

The Thigh-High/Knee-High Boots!
These are very cute, and go very well with about any winter look!

The UGG Knit Boots!
These are very popular at my high-school. Even if they're not UGG, the style is seen by many of the girls!

The Sweater-Dresses!
Very warm for the winter, and they would look great with the knit boots or regular UGG boots too!

The Bold-Print Shirt!
Many 70-based trends are coming back! It used to be all about the 60's, but it's gone a decade higher this year!

The Military Jacket!
Very very cute, and this is a thumbs up for me because of the vintage feel of it!

The Multi-Layered Necklace!
Very cute! I've seen these at many stores, and they come in very beautiful varieties!

The Short-Pixie Hair Cut!
Reminds me of Tinker-bell, and it looks so cute!

Short Hair in General!
It looks like bobs and chin-length hair is coming back!

The Dark-Colored Nailpolish!
Dark colored nails are popping this season! Colors range from midnight-blue, brown, dark purple, and dark hunter green!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

10 Things About Me...

Well, you know that I love fashion, neurology, and architecture...but do you know the random little things about me? Probably not. I don't want to be a copy-cat, but I've noticed that other people do this, and I think it's a cute idea! Let's get started!

1. I am terrified of spiders! Ugh, big spiders, tiny spiders, you name it! Daddy-Long-Legs kind of freak me out too when I first see them! The spiders that scare me the most though are Black Widows. Even thinking about them makes my skin crawl! I must have gotten this phobia from my mom because spiders drove her crazy too. My mom told me that one time she saw a Jumping-Spider in her bathroom once and went to look at it. When she looked at it, it turned and looked at her...and then it STOOD UP on it's hind legs and stared at her! Another time she had a stick and held it out for another spider to get on. It took the stick and fought with her! Scary...ughh!

2. Christmas is my favorite holiday. This is probably top-choice on anyone's list on what holiday is their favorite. I love Christmas because it is Jesus's birthday, and the mood all around is happy and light. I get to spend time with my family and friends and give them things. I also love the great food and the decorations and the music! I also love winter and turtlenecks.

3. I always like to keep a journal/planner. I always like to keep my life organized and planned. It makes the day go by smoother and I can do everything I mentally plan to do a reality. My favorite kinds of planners/journals are small, so I can fit them into my purse. I also like to write my thoughts and make lists of movies or clothes I like. A journal is sort of like a personal blog :D I guess this is why I like blogging so much!

4. I love to draw cartoons! Whether it be Hey Arnold! or Little Lulu or Bugs Bunny, cartoons are my thing! I always get requests on things to draw, and that's a pleasure to do too. I've been drawing since I was about 4 years old, and I haven't put the paper and pencil down since. My favorite cartoon would be Little Lulu. She is very old (1935) so I wouldn't be suprised if you haven't heard of her. I was even named after a cartoon, Little Audrey!

5. I think I may be Bipolar. I have terrible mood-swings (yes, yes, I know a lot of people have them, but...). They sometimes get out of control. One minute I will be laughing, and having a wonderful time, and possibly getting on people's nerves, but then out of nowhere I get quite and depressed, and sometimes suicidal. I have lost friends from the way I am, and I have had people tell me that I am unusually moody.

6. I have this crazy thing for old buildings...particularly mental hospitals. Don't ask me why. I'm sure it's because of the beautiful work that was put into it and the architecture. History is one of my passions, and just looking at an old building almost puts me into that time period. The reason I like old mental hospitals is not just because of the architecture, it's because of the medical history. There's this strange, stressful sensation while looking at a hospital that just intrigues me. How many people have been commited there, the techniques that were used, the stories held within those crumbling walls...

7. I dislike beets very much. Always have, probably always will. They taste so funny to me... I have never liked them, even from a young age. But let me say, I will never dislike beets as much as I dislike brussel sprouts. Ugh.

8. I love being girly! Through all the mental hospital loving, bipolar feeling, cartoon drawing personality...I give you...a girly-girl :) I love fashion, getting my hair done, manicures and pedicures, taking long spa-ish baths, saunas, and cute guy celebrities! Shh, don't tell my boyfriend :D I love the color pink, and obviously, I love anything floral! This is why my favorite movies consists of Legally Blonde and Clueless.

9. I was born with a smaller right hand. Yup, I am born with a (to put it nicely) disfigured right hand. I can do just about anything anyone else can do, and I absolutely love being different from everybody else. Needless to say, I am also left-handed. I'm sorry, I don't have a picture.

10. I really wish I could get my room organized. I never can. I see these beautiful pictures on and these pictures women post about what they have done to their rooms, but I can never make myself do that. I want to so bad!

Well, this will be the last post about ME for awhile.
What is a random thing about you? Are you any different or similar than I am? What makes you unique?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So...What I got over the Christmas Break!

I've been so busy taking about other things, I forgot to mention all the things I got when I went shopping! Some of the things I got I could not find, but what I have in pictures, I'll show.

Forever 21

Charlotte Russe

Body Central

Monday, January 4, 2010

WARNING: Long post about the fashion of the last decade!

Well, today has been a really tiresome day, but it is much easier to think of a topic for this blog than it is for my new blog! Wait, I haven't told ya'll about that. I made another blog yesterday titled: In the World of Neurology and Psychology!

Web address is:

I made this blog because I one day either want to become a doctor in the fields of neurology and psychology...duh lol.

Anyways, so today's blog is going to be about my top favorite trends in the past DECADE!! and my least favorite...

My Least Favorite:

The Gladiator Sandle-Boots (2009) - I did NOT like these, they were gaudy and made many outfits look bad.

The Crocs (2004-2005) - They were cute at first, and I loved them when nurses wore them, but then EVERYBODY started wearing them. Even little kids, and it was almost like Twilght. It got rediculous. They started making boots, tennishoes, furry crocs, you name it!

The SUPER Skinny-Jeans (2007-2009) - Nah, did not care for these much. Regular skinny or boot-cut jeans are ok. I like them, but I thought the super skinnies were unflattering.

The over-done, gaudy black heels (2009) - I cannot stand this look. It is everywhere! The huge black heels with the wide straps and studs everywhere looks akward and unfeminine to me. I also don't like it when I see girls wearing them with the cutest dresses. Totally ruins the outfit for me.

The Zippered Leggings (2009) - These...I don't really know what to say except they seem very unfeminine and unflattering to any outfit. I especialy don't like the ones that are sequined or metallic, eck!

The Acid-Washed Jeans (2008-2009) - No. Just no.
Midriff-Bearing Tanks (2000-2002) - Eh, even though I was very young when this was popular, I would feel inappropriate wearing it now, and things have changed since then.

MUDD Jeans (2000-2003) - Not very appealing to the butt. They always made my butt and my thighs look saggy.

The Hollister/Abercrombie Phenomenon (2005-2008) - I'm sorry, but even though I have a few things from these places, I HATED this stage! Too many girls wore this stuff, especially the teeshirts with the logo or the name IN BOLD PRINT OR HUGE. Now Abercrombie is too expensive for anybody to buy anymore and Hollister is not seen (or at least by me) as much. Plus Abercrombie gives me a migraine everytime I go in there, pew!

The Sex Bracelets (2000-2004) - Now who remembers these? I do, but I never wore them for ahem, sex. Eh, I used to wear these in my "punk stage". That stage of my life is not one of my favorites. Plus they made an outfit look lazy.

The Skinny, Barbie-Doll Look (??) - No offence intended to the girl in this picture, she is very pretty. BUT, to be frank, I was very tired of seeing girls that looked like this all over the internet and TV. It seemed like a craze, and many little 12-year-old girls would use these pictures and say, "iM sO hOtt!" in the uppercase/lowercase font that they used.

The Orange Skin Trend (2009) - Ugh is all I can say really...

My Most Favorite

Boho Bags (2007-2008) - They were so cute, and I could fit EVERYTHING in them! The only problem I had with these were that in the hallways at my highschool, girls who had them hit everybody with them, lol.

Uggs (2004-2008) - I know, I know. I hear a lot of people who say they hate these, but I love them. I have a pair. They go with many of my winter outfits, and they are just darn comforitable! The only thing I HATED was how girls wore them in the summer. Omg, come have flip flops!
Floral Statement Necklaces (2009) - I absolutely loved these! I think they are adorable (with the right clothes of course) and they look so feminine.

Flats (2007-2009) - One word: LOVE!!

The Victorian/Vintage Look (2008-2009) - I am absolutely crazy about history, and seeing shirts and dresses replicate the vintage styles is a big plus for me!

Subtle-Glatiator Sandles (2009) - Unlike the high-kneed Gladiators, I loved the flip-floppish gladiators. I loved how some of them were beaded or sequined, and I loved them with dresses.

Distressed Jeans (2007-2009) - I loved these, and they looked so cute in the summer. Not very good for winter though. I have a few of these. I kind of got out of this trend in early 2009 because of the economy (very expensive), and now I realize I can just make these myself.

Sperrys (2008-2009) - God, I love these shoes. They are so comforitable, and I wear them everywhere!

Hottie/Princess/Angel Shirts (2000-2002) - Loved these when I was younger. I had a lot of labeled shirts. Also, I don't think I'd really want these back, but I had fond memories of this trend.

Patriotism Fashion (2001-2003) - Go America! I had a lot of this.

Leggings (2007-2008) - I loved them in the winter time under dresses and skirts, but when people actually started wearing them as pants...uh, no.

The Giraffe Purse (2008) - Who can forget these? People still carry them! I loved mine, and my mom also had one that I was crazy for!

Long Hair (2007-2009) - I finally have my hair long, yay! I also like the long hair trend straight, wavy, curly you name it!

The Maxi-Dress (2009) - I really liked these. They were flowy and light, and I would especially wear one to the beach. I wouldn't much care wear one to the mall though.

Sorry this was such a LONG post! I just wanted to throw that into the open! Also, I'm sorry if I have offended anyone, these are just my opinions.
What were your favorite trends? Your least? And are there anymore trends that I have forgotten?