Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quiz Time!

Hi! I thought it would be a really cute idea to make a quiz for you! I used to have an account on, and I was just going through the website again and the idea popped into my head! If you want more quizzes, Quizilla has tons of them! (My answer will be parenthesized)
Yes - if this applies to you. No - if this does no apply to you.

How Girly are You?

1. You get your hair done on a regular basis: yes or no (No)
2. You would consider pink to be one of your favorite colors: yes or no (Yes)
3. "Legally Blonde" or "13 Going on 30" is on your list of favorite movies: yes or no (Yes)
4. You love to get your nails done on a regular basis: yes or no (No)
5. You love to shop at least once a week, even if it consists of buying one item: yes or no (Yes)
6. Your bathroom is filled with so many beauty items, that sometimes you can't even organize the cabinets: yes or no (Yes)
7. You love to flirt: yes or no (Yes)
8. You own at least 5 pairs of heels: yes or no (Yes)
9. You own at least 5 skirts: yes or no (Yes)
10. You own at least 5 dresses: yes or no (Yes)
11. You hate the thought of camping: yes or no (No)
12. You absolutely LOVE blogs about fashion and girly topics: yes or no (Yes)
13. You have a fashion/girly blog of your own: yes or no (Yes)
14. You love to read Vogue, Glamour, Seventeen, Cosmo, or other girl-based magazines: yes or no (Yes)
15. You think the "Gothic" trend is repulsive: yes or no (No)
16. You actually think VW Beetles are so cute: yes or no (Yes)
17. You get emotional very easily: yes or no (Yes)
18. Even if you are skinny, there are days you feel like you can't wear ANYTHING: yes or no (Yes)
19. Sometimes you have NOTHING to wear at all, eventhough you just went shopping last week: yes or no (No)
20. You love to talk about makeup, gossip, event planning, etc: yes or no (Yes)
21. Elle Woods is one of your inspirations: yes or no (Yes)
22. You love Thirty-One: yes or no (Yes)
23. As you were young, you participated in dance, ice-skating, color-guard, cheerleading, or gymnastics: yes or no (Yes)
24. Horror movies terrify you: yes or no (No)
25. You hate breaking your nails: yes or no (No)
26. You would never hold a job that consists of the outdoors or possible nail-breaking, hair-messing, lipstick-smearing, or heel-breaking possibilities: yes or no (N0)
27. You do yoga: yes or no (No)
28. You follow fashion trends like your tiny dog follows you: yes or no (Yes)
29. You LOVE chick flicks: yes or no (Yes)
30. You own a small dog; mini-poodle, chihuahua, mini-dauchsund, etc: yes or no (Yes)
31. You LOVE glitter and anything that shines: yes or no (Yes)
32. Sometimes you think you need therapy for your shopping habits: yes or no (Yes)
33. No matter WHERE you go, either to the grocery store or even at your house, you always have to have a little mascara and/or lipgloss on: yes or no (No)
34. If you are in high-school, you plan on being in a sorority: yes or no (Maybe)
35. You love Victoria Secret PINK: yes or no (Yes)
36. You love Victoria Secret in general: yes or no (Yes)
37. For you that have children; you LOVE getting your child's name monogrammed on almost everything: yes or no (N0)
38. You love monograms period: yes or no (Yes)
39. You love diamonds, rubies, sapphires, pearls, etc: yes or no (Yes)
40. A perfect outfit always consists of a strand of pearls: yes or no (Yes)
41. You love babies, puppies, kittens, or any other baby animals: yes or no (Yes)
42. You watch shows like Gossip Girls, The Hills, ANTM, Project Runway, etc: yes or no (Yes)
43. You love to tan: yes or no (No)
44. You have a TON of accessories, some that you have no place to put: yes or no (Yes)
45. You love fashion in history: yes or no (Yes)
46. You giggle A LOT, even when the joke wasn't funny: yes or no (Yes)
47. You act dumb in front of guys just so they'll think your cute: yes or no (No)
48. You love SUMMER: yes or no (Yes)
49. You love Coach, Louis Vuitton, Dooney & Bourke, Gucci, etc: yes or no (No, well..Coach, yes)
50. You use facemasks at least once a week: yes or no (No)

Haha, sorry that was such a LONG quiz, but I just kept thinking up things to put!
Of course, if you put mostly yeses, you are probably girly, and if you put mostly nos, you probably aren't. If you have an in-between amount then you are in the middle, yadeyadeyadah.

My answers: 34/50.

My answers may show that I am very girly, but being girly is not all my life. I love other things that guys and other girls would like to talk about too, such as cars, football, astrology, medicine, architecture, etc. So if you think I only talk and love girl things, you are wrong my friend. Actually, girls at my school probably don't really know how girly I can be. I'm sort of a normal person/nerd I guess, lol. And I am definitely not saying that there is anything wrong with girly people, but I'm not just that either. I'm all-around average.

What were your results? Do you agree with them?

*Photos are from Haute Design, and {this is glamorous}


  1. Nice quiz! I answered yes 30 times. I think that's pretty accurate for me. I can be pretty girly, but I still have my tomboy side. :)

  2. love it! I will use it on my blog soon. If you get a chance pass by and FOLLOW? maybe?? =D