Friday, January 8, 2010

Looking for That New Winter Look?

Hi! I've come to post a blog to help you out for your next girly session! Are you looking for new fashion trends? Or maybe a new hair style? Or even new ideas for nail colors! I have them here, and I hope this helps you to figure out what you're looking for!

The Fringe Trend!
This trend is a mix of Indian and 70's based looks. I've seen this look on vests and purses, and it is very popular right now.

The Thigh-High/Knee-High Boots!
These are very cute, and go very well with about any winter look!

The UGG Knit Boots!
These are very popular at my high-school. Even if they're not UGG, the style is seen by many of the girls!

The Sweater-Dresses!
Very warm for the winter, and they would look great with the knit boots or regular UGG boots too!

The Bold-Print Shirt!
Many 70-based trends are coming back! It used to be all about the 60's, but it's gone a decade higher this year!

The Military Jacket!
Very very cute, and this is a thumbs up for me because of the vintage feel of it!

The Multi-Layered Necklace!
Very cute! I've seen these at many stores, and they come in very beautiful varieties!

The Short-Pixie Hair Cut!
Reminds me of Tinker-bell, and it looks so cute!

Short Hair in General!
It looks like bobs and chin-length hair is coming back!

The Dark-Colored Nailpolish!
Dark colored nails are popping this season! Colors range from midnight-blue, brown, dark purple, and dark hunter green!


  1. ugg boots are so cute. and thanks for the book recommendations. :)

  2. yay to uggs & short hair not forgetting opi nails paints I want them all :)

  3. To Viva - You're welcome! I wear my uggs a lot, even though I don't have the new editions, I have the older. Still love them though!

    To Juicy - Lol! OPI is the best! They never chip or anything..