Thursday, January 7, 2010

10 Things About Me...

Well, you know that I love fashion, neurology, and architecture...but do you know the random little things about me? Probably not. I don't want to be a copy-cat, but I've noticed that other people do this, and I think it's a cute idea! Let's get started!

1. I am terrified of spiders! Ugh, big spiders, tiny spiders, you name it! Daddy-Long-Legs kind of freak me out too when I first see them! The spiders that scare me the most though are Black Widows. Even thinking about them makes my skin crawl! I must have gotten this phobia from my mom because spiders drove her crazy too. My mom told me that one time she saw a Jumping-Spider in her bathroom once and went to look at it. When she looked at it, it turned and looked at her...and then it STOOD UP on it's hind legs and stared at her! Another time she had a stick and held it out for another spider to get on. It took the stick and fought with her! Scary...ughh!

2. Christmas is my favorite holiday. This is probably top-choice on anyone's list on what holiday is their favorite. I love Christmas because it is Jesus's birthday, and the mood all around is happy and light. I get to spend time with my family and friends and give them things. I also love the great food and the decorations and the music! I also love winter and turtlenecks.

3. I always like to keep a journal/planner. I always like to keep my life organized and planned. It makes the day go by smoother and I can do everything I mentally plan to do a reality. My favorite kinds of planners/journals are small, so I can fit them into my purse. I also like to write my thoughts and make lists of movies or clothes I like. A journal is sort of like a personal blog :D I guess this is why I like blogging so much!

4. I love to draw cartoons! Whether it be Hey Arnold! or Little Lulu or Bugs Bunny, cartoons are my thing! I always get requests on things to draw, and that's a pleasure to do too. I've been drawing since I was about 4 years old, and I haven't put the paper and pencil down since. My favorite cartoon would be Little Lulu. She is very old (1935) so I wouldn't be suprised if you haven't heard of her. I was even named after a cartoon, Little Audrey!

5. I think I may be Bipolar. I have terrible mood-swings (yes, yes, I know a lot of people have them, but...). They sometimes get out of control. One minute I will be laughing, and having a wonderful time, and possibly getting on people's nerves, but then out of nowhere I get quite and depressed, and sometimes suicidal. I have lost friends from the way I am, and I have had people tell me that I am unusually moody.

6. I have this crazy thing for old buildings...particularly mental hospitals. Don't ask me why. I'm sure it's because of the beautiful work that was put into it and the architecture. History is one of my passions, and just looking at an old building almost puts me into that time period. The reason I like old mental hospitals is not just because of the architecture, it's because of the medical history. There's this strange, stressful sensation while looking at a hospital that just intrigues me. How many people have been commited there, the techniques that were used, the stories held within those crumbling walls...

7. I dislike beets very much. Always have, probably always will. They taste so funny to me... I have never liked them, even from a young age. But let me say, I will never dislike beets as much as I dislike brussel sprouts. Ugh.

8. I love being girly! Through all the mental hospital loving, bipolar feeling, cartoon drawing personality...I give you...a girly-girl :) I love fashion, getting my hair done, manicures and pedicures, taking long spa-ish baths, saunas, and cute guy celebrities! Shh, don't tell my boyfriend :D I love the color pink, and obviously, I love anything floral! This is why my favorite movies consists of Legally Blonde and Clueless.

9. I was born with a smaller right hand. Yup, I am born with a (to put it nicely) disfigured right hand. I can do just about anything anyone else can do, and I absolutely love being different from everybody else. Needless to say, I am also left-handed. I'm sorry, I don't have a picture.

10. I really wish I could get my room organized. I never can. I see these beautiful pictures on and these pictures women post about what they have done to their rooms, but I can never make myself do that. I want to so bad!

Well, this will be the last post about ME for awhile.
What is a random thing about you? Are you any different or similar than I am? What makes you unique?

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