Monday, December 28, 2009

Time to get back to blogging!

Well, I'm watching Julia & Julie and it just encouraged me to blog, just like Julie. Except my passion is not cooking, which actually, I have thought about starting. My mom loves to cook, I sometimes wonder why she didn't go to cooking school, but she told me it was because she didn't want to. I understand that.
I've also thought about starting a different blog for a couple of my other passions. As you know, this one is about fashion. My mom doesn't really understand my passion for fashion. She's always telling me to save my money and that I've got too many clothes as it is, (I completely understand about the money deal because of the times, but I shop at cheap-ish stores with cute clothes). Well, what about Julie? She spent a lot of her money on pots and pans and food and spices! My mom spends her money on flower seeds and garden tools (which gardening is her passion, along with many others). I LOVE to buy different kinds of clothes and mix and match just to see what will go with what and what wont. I love to find unique little tinker-tinks and put them with the outfits I have put together. I also love to get on websites and save the clothes and put the clothes I like together.
But fashion is NOT my only passion. Here are my list of passions:
- Art
- Fashion
- Architecture
- Medicine
- Singing/Music
- Ghosts
- Reading/Books
What are some of your passions? What inspires you? Does your parents understand your passions? I would love to hear from you!

Friday, December 18, 2009


This may be a short post, but I'm going to talk about all the fun things that have happened this week!
Well, a few not-so-fun things was that I had to take my exams Wednesday and Thursday, but I did good on them, and I am done for the year!
But last night, Troy and I went to see Kenny G and he was AMAZING! He held a note for almost five minutes! His longest record is 45 minutes!

And today my dad, Troy, and I went to a community center to help out with the less-fortunate people. My friend and her mom invited us! It was so much fun, and the kids were so sweet! My dad was Santa Clause too :D

Thursday, December 3, 2009

You know what I absolutely just love?

One of my blog buddies and I were talking about how Ohio was a haunted place, and that just got me thinking about some pretty neat haunted places I want to go to. I am nuts over the paranormal and gorgeous old buildings.
Here is one picture from Ohio! Lancaster, Ohio, to be exact. It's called the Mudhouse Mansion. I just love Second Empire architecture! If I had to choose what kind of house I could live in, a Victorian house (especially Second Empire) would be my first choice!

Next, we have an old insane asylum (I love these. They are just so spooky looking, and the architecture is breath-taking!) It's called The Danvers State Hospital in Danvers, Massachusettes. It was recently turned into an apartment complex (Avalon Danvers, and yes, it's very strange). They kept 2/3 of the whole building, the administration and a little bit of both sides of the wings. It is a Kirkbride building, so it had a main administation building, and 2 curve-like wings off to each side. Kind of like a bat.

Another old insane asylum I consider very pretty is The Buffalo State Hospital in Buffalo, New York. It is also a Kirkbride, and it is Richardsonian Romanesque architecture named after the architect Henry H. Richardson. I absolutely love the two towers at the top of the main administration building.

Ok, ok. I know, enough with the old insane asylums, but this is my favorite too! Also a Kirkbride, it's The Cherokee State Hospital in Cherokee, Iowa. It opened in 1902 and is still around today as a correctional center (or penitentary) and a museum.

Here is a building in St. Thomas, Canada called the Alma College. It was destroyed in a fire a long time ago, but I can't remember exactly when. If any of you have seen Orphan, you may recognize this building. It was used as the mental hospital Saarne Instituut. This building struck me as being so gorgeous I had to find it.

Well, these are my favorite buildings so far. If any of you find any other buildings that you just love me, tell me! I love architecture, and I have considered being an architect. I especially have a thing for old architecture. GORGEOUS <3>