Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My End of The Year Resolution...

So, it's already November...how crazy is that? It feels as if it should be June! Well, to end the year, I have decided to make a list of things I should do BEFORE January 1. Let's start, shall we?

1) Get extraordinary (yet inexpensive) gifts for the people I care about this Christmas. I may go to Claire's or Victoria's Secret for my girl-friends, and of course TRACTOR SUPPLY (haha!) for the guys in my life. Just get them tools, it'll be all cool :) Can't say for my parents though, because I never know if they check up on here or not.
2) Clean my room!! This request has been unfufilled for about 19 years. I want my room clean, but so much goes on it's just too easy to throw the school books aside onto my dresser.
3) Get decorative pillows! I've been wanting pretty decorative pillows for awhile now, but I'm just so picky! There's so many of them, but I almost refuse to choose because there's so many pretty ones. By the way, isn't Pier 1 Imports just a riot?? I almost hyperventilate watching the commercials!! I love that place :)
4) Become a better blogger. For me, this is sorta-kinda hard to do because of school, but blogging makes me happy, so why shouldn't I practice my blogging skills? Blog blog blog...
5) Dress the way I want to!! I really have many unique and different things in my closet, but I have a phobia of coming out of my comfort zone. I usually wear jeans and a comfortable (BUT it's cute, I swear) shirt. I hardly wear scarves or my UGGS because for some reason, I just prefer to be simple. Yet then again, I don't! >.< Grr!
6) Help a loved one come over stress and illness. Actually, this is my first priority resolution, but this list is not in order of priority. I want to be able to make this special person feel happy again. Enough where they can do what they want and not let depression/stress get in the way. I want to start cooking with them, and get them out of the house.
7) Become happier and healthy. I have been depressed too, and sometimes I need a self-pick-me-up. I need to learn how to do this on my own instead of just staying droopy all the time. Eating right and taking advantage of positive situations would help! Thank goodness Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up! My favorite time of year!

Those are some resolutions to accomplish by the end of December, and by then, I will have all new resolutions. What are your end-of-the-year resolutions? It's NEVER too late to have resolutions!!


  1. I love your blog-that's why I gave you a blog award! Go to my newest post on my blog, comment and follow the blog rules! :) Congrats!

  2. Oh my gosh, I'm going to cry! Yay, thank you so much ^.^