Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Birthday To...

The love of my life, Troy and my mother! Yesterday was Troy's birthday, and he turned the big 20!! My mom...well, I'm not going to say how old she is, but her birthday is today! I love both of you!!

How was everybody's Halloween?? Did you dress up? If you did, what did you dress up as? I wanted to dress up, but I couldn't find a straitjacket, haha J/K! I dressed up at my school Thursday as a hippy! I had a San Fransisco sign and everything, thanks to my mother :)

Well, I also had a really GREAT weekend!! Friday night, my dad and I went to The Haunted Gin near where we live, and it was so fun! These two women behind us were laughing so hard, most of the things that were supposed to scare us made us laugh!
Then, on Saturday, my dad and I rode towards Memphis and went to Bolivar! Guess what's in Bolivar... a mental hospital...ooohhh, scary. If you didn't know, I am extremely obsessed with old mental asylums. Specifically Kirkbride Buildings, which the one in Bolivar was, but it had its wings demolished. If you are interested, I have a few websites that may be useful for the curious:

Well, I hope ya'll had fun this Halloween!! Have a happy November :)

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