Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Monday!

Well, maybe not so happy. I kept waking up last night because I kept getting sick, and on top of that, I woke up not feeling so well either. Pointless to say, I didn't go to school. But I didn't go back to bed right away either. I helped my dad with some of his work, I read a little bit, made lunch, and then took a nap. It was a pretty good day, but then I got the biggest scare! UTK's application deadline is tomorrow! I turned in my application, one of my teacher recommendations, and an ACT report request is on it's way right now. But then I learn that the transcripts have to be in by tomorrow too, which I haven't sent off! I'm so scared now. I really want to go because they have the major I want (psychology), and my boyfriend goes there! It would be so perfect! Wish me luck please :)
Also, one of my friend's (her name is Rosa) mom has Lyme Disease. She could possibly become disabled from this, so please keep her in your prayers. Very sad :'(
I just got done reading The Taming of The Shrew, and boy am I glad! That book made me so furious. Women are not play things, we are human. We should all be treated equally, man or woman. The only people we should look up to as our guide is our elders and God.
Well, for the better part, I was browsing through a little site called and found some of the cutest stuff! I will share them here :D
This is pricey, but it would look good in the middle of a holiday dinner table!
(If you want to cheat, go to Hobby Lobby and get an adorable holiday vase and lots of greenish, redish, fallish flowers and put them in the vase. You can also get wrapping paper and wrap it around the vase for more of a personal touch if you like!)

Holiday Vase - 110.00 (yeah, sorry about that :/)

Holiday Red - 108.00

White Hydrangea - 85.00

Not so holidaish, but cute!
Emporium Candles - 48.00 ea

Emporium Soaps - 19.50 ea

Petit Script Plates - 22.00 ea

And for those who just love everything French-related:
French Envelope Boxes - 22.00 ea


  1. I LOVE those petite script plates! Yes, Ohio is historically spooky and we have a lot of other fun things to do, but, having grown up here- I'm bored! ;) Hope your week is off to a great start!