Friday, July 15, 2011

Fashionista Friday!

Well, today's Friday, and I know I have already posted, but I'm trying to make a segment for everyday so I can organize my inspirations and what-not.
Fridays are going to be based on things of fashion nature that inspire me. So here we go!

I love turquoise, and I love things that make you look like you're not about to strain your back or give you a leg cramp. The earrings are beautiful! Earrings are a big thing for me, especially dangly-earrings. The purse is absolutely adorable, and I wish I could tell you where you could buy these things, but I found this little number on This whole outfit is too cute!

I love tiny stripes like this dress has, and it especially looks cute in green! I'm not big on it being strapless, as I am self-conscious about my upper arms, but I would still wear it. Nevertheless, it's adorable.

I love her hair, I always thought long bangs were very cute. I also love her dress (I love baby-doll dresses).

Again, big on the tiny stripes! They are orange too, which are perfect because I could wear them over white lacy tights to a University of Tennessee game! I've been seeing shorts like these around a lot, so I think I'm going to snatch a pair before the summer is up. With a pair of lacy white tights in the process, haha :)

I love all of them! I have a promise ring from my boyfriend Troy, so I always try to reserve the only ring finger I have to that ring. Haha, a little random fact. Anyway, I'm all for rings, especially smaller ones. Big ones are pretty too, but they tend to get on my nerves while I'm in class or whatever.

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